Demonstration Checklist

Event (general description):  
Event Date:                    Media Time:                  

Location/Address:                             _____________________________________________________
Preparation for the Event
Make Signs. Use some preprinted and others handmade.   
Post/Distribute flyers    
Gather leaflets (if necessary order more). Give thought to making your own if possible. 
Free publicity (local newsletters, calendars)
Telephone Hotline (outgoing message)
Designate Media Spokesperson
Write sound bites in advance
Write news release
Issuing release/follow-up media calls
Prepare media kits to include fact sheets, brochures and if available a video
Activate phone tree. Always ask activists to be present half an hour before the media.
Assign tasks (someone to hold banner, lead the chants)
If necessary:
Permit from the police for a march or for a sound system
Legal adviser/observer
Speakers (booking)
Sound system
Day of the event, don’t forget:
Calls to the media that morning
Literature to hand out
Signs & banner
Media kits
If necessary/available:
Follow- up
Designate people to pick up newspapers that covered the event and people to videotape TV news coverage. Call print media that did not cover the event.

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